Is New Gutter Installation Really Necessary?

Discover why your health may depend on new gutter installation.

Is new gutter installation really necessary here in the metro-Atlanta area? The answers may surprise you! Keep reading to see for yourself.

First, let’s answer a couple of questions about your home:


  • Are there no troughs on your house?

If that’s the case, you may want to install new rain gutters to protect your investment.


  • Do you have an old roof drainage system?

If so, there’s a significant chance your home needs new gutter installation to keep your home environment healthy and safe for you and your family.

Why a Lack of Home Gutters Can be Harmful to Your Health

When it rains, it is important to direct the water running off the roof away from the home’s foundation. The roof of your house collects an enormous quantity of water. The slope of the roof causes the water to rush down to the ground. The resulting splash causes soil erosion and may splatter mud on the foundation.

Pooling water near the foundation can seep into the basement. The basement becomes damp and can develop mold. Houses built on slabs are susceptible to moisture and mold buildup. The presence of mold and mildew may render a home uninhabitable. People allergic to mold will become ill. Even those not allergic to mold will still risk becoming sick.

The solution? Install rain gutters and downspouts directing the water away from the slab. It will prevent moisture from seeping into the slab.

What Is the Best Material for Gutters?

Most gutters installed in the past decade or more are aluminum. Aluminum is a soft metal used for extrusion processes. Custom gutters and downspouts made this way are seamless and look good on the house.

Sectioned aluminum gutters are cost effective. The baked paint on the surface will last almost to the life of the channel itself. The colors can either blend in with the color of the house or used as an accent. It is your choice.

Are Steel Gutters Reliable?

Steel gutters will deteriorate over time. The paint peels within a few years, making the house appear neglected. Steel can rust out. Initially, a stain will appear at the seams and eventually become porous and leak water. In this case, you have two choices:

  •    Replace the gutters with new aluminum materials
  •    Remove the gutters and let the water seep into your foundation

The choice is clear. Replace them and avoid mold and water seepage problems in the future.

New Gutter Installation Is Good for the Environment

You also might want to consider adding a water barrel to collect rainwater. This reclaimed water is excellent for watering your garden during the dry season. You will save money on your water bill, conserve water, and your flowers will appreciate it as well.

At Cornerstone Roofing, we have a large supply of high quality rain gutters that will make your home look great. Our new gutter installation service ensures the gutters will direct water away from your foundation or slab, protecting the investment you have in your home.


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