The 2 Best Tips to Find and Fix a Leaking Roof


Learn how to find and fix a leaking roof before it causes major damage.

Trying to determine how to find and fix a leaking roof? Sooner or later, every homeowner runs into a leak in the ceiling. It might be from an open window in the attic or an overflowing toilet upstairs. Unfortunately, it could just as easily be a leaking roof, which isn’t as easy to fix as other indoor water problems. Considering the source of the leak and the fix required, it might be best to save money – and avoid injury – by calling in the pros.

Here are the two easiest ways to handle the problem:

1. Identify and repair a leaking roof with help from Mother Nature.

If water lines are running down your walls or spots are dotting the ceiling, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a water leak.

It’s easiest to find a leak in the roof while it’s raining. According to, it’s as easy as going up to the attic with a flashlight during a rainstorm. Because water reflects light, all you do is move the light over the attic ceiling. The leak should identify itself right away, allowing you to patch the roof in the appropriate spot and dry up excess moisture.

Most small leaks are easy to fix if you have the safety equipment and gear needed to do the repairs, like roofing putty or concrete, replacement shingles and roofing nails. Unfortunately, these repairs have to be done from the top of the roof to restore its integrity. A friend can help you locate the leak when you’re on top of the roof.

Not sure where to get started? There’s no shame in living life with your feet on the ground. Safety first! Call the professionals and save yourself potential injury or making the damage worse. The good news is a small leak should be affordable to fix, even for a roofing contractor.

2. Find a leaking roof by looking at common problem areas.

Many times, a roof leak takes place in an area shifted by strong winds or worn down over time. By checking common sources of leaks, you’ll be able to rule out the obvious. These include the rubber seals in your roof around electrical and HVAC equipment, around dormer windows, the ridge cap of the roof and other connection spots that leave your roof vulnerable.

What to Do When You Can’t Find and Fix a Leaking Roof?

Leaks can be tricky, but there’s no time to waste when locating the source. If you have water stains on your walls or ceilings, it can help to start looking higher up the roof than where the leak occurs. Don’t forget to check areas of the roof that aren’t covered by shingles. Side vents and dormer windows are common locations for roof leaks.

If you’re struggling to find and fix a leaking roof, don’t delay. Get in touch with our team at Cornerstone Roofing in Atlanta to prevent further damage.

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