3 Common Misconceptions about New Roof Installation

Don’t let these roof installation misconceptions fool you.

If you’re considering a new roof installation, you’ve undoubtedly listened to many different opinions. There’s nothing wrong with keeping an open mind, but in some cases, the things you hear may be completely untrue. This fact also applies to roofing, where there is no shortage of misconceptions. While some of these non-truths are completely unbelievable and unlikely to cause any harm, there are some that might actually lead a person astray if they don’t know better. Read on for three examples of potentially harmful roof replacement misconceptions:

1. If Your Roof Has Damage, Waiting Won’t Make a Difference

This misconception suggests it is okay to ignore a damaged roof. It implies you can simply wait until it’s time to get the whole thing replaced. This is most definitely untrue, and if you accept this line of thinking you could be in for extensive — and expensive — complications. A damaged roof only leads to more damage, which escalates over time. This includes damage to the interior of your home as well, since a deteriorated roof will be more likely to leak. Water damage can ruin your ceilings, walls, flooring and insulation. It also serves to create a breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew.

In addition to these concerns, a roof replacement will be a bigger, more expensive job in comparison to early repairs. Repairs, or at least an inspection, should be sought out as soon as you realize something is wrong.

2. Roofing Materials Are Interchangeable

This misconception usually comes along with a “bargain” variation of material offered at a discounted price. However, if something is considerably cheaper than the alternatives, it is usually for a good reason! Better quality materials will almost always cost more, and some of the longest lasting options are also the most expensive to purchase and install. Cutting corners to save some funds in the short-term might be easier on your wallet at first, but cheaper roofing materials do not last nearly as long as their more durable counterparts.

The roofing material you pick will have a lasting impact on your home. As such, it is important that you look into the various options at your disposal before making a choice. Different materials have different benefits, and your own particular preferences should play a role in the decision-making process as well. Assessing the pros and cons of roofing options might seem like an extra step, but it is one well worth taking before you make a decision.  

3. The Roofer You Choose Won’t Make a Difference

If you address your roof issues earlier, chances are they will be much cheaper to fix. Just as taking quicker action can benefit you, a better roofer can as well. With inspections that can highlight what repairs are necessary and how to do them in a cost-effective manner, Cornerstone Roofing is ready to help you get your roofing issues resolved. We focus on making the inspection and repair (or replacement) process as simple as possible for you. We’ll even work with your insurance company to get you as much assistance as possible. In fact, in most cases, our advanced technology will actually get you lower premiums for your new roof installation in the future! To learn more, get in touch with us today at 770-844-9800 or visit us online.

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