3 Reasons to Call a Licensed Roofing Company to Fix Your Ventilation Issues

Do you need to contact a licensed roofing company when facing ventilation issues in your home or business?

Ventilation problems might not come across as a pressing concern, and you may think this wouldn’t be an urgent issue for a licensed roofing company. However, problems with ventilation can create a number of serious issues down the line if ignored for too long. Licensed roofing companies can help resolve your inadequate ventilation and can help you to avoid future complications that could occur as a result.

If you’re on the fence about contacting a licensed roofing company for your ventilation issues, it might help to consider all the difficulties that can arise if you choose not to make the phone call. Some of the problems are based mostly on the expenses you might have to deal with, but the list goes on, and far beyond simple financial strain.

Here are three reasons you should contact a licensed roofing company for help with your ventilation problems: 


  • Licensed Roofing Companies Can Help You Keep the Mold Out 
    Although financial burdens are never a trivial matter, one of the most alarming results that can stem from inadequate ventilation is the presence of mold in your home. Black mold, in particular, is known for being toxic. There are other types of mold that also pose significant health risks.

    Indoor mold growth can cause respiratory problems, and for people with young children, this can be an especially daunting prospect. An improperly ventilated roof can lead to dampened insulation and increased humidity within a home, which in turn promotes the growth of dangerous mold.
  • Cut Down on Energy Consumption with Help from a Licensed Roofing Company
    Effective attic ventilation translates to drier attics in the winter and cooler attics in the hotter months, which can go a long way towards preventing structural damage. On the other hand, an improperly ventilated attic will absorb heat instead of venting it outside, distributing it throughout the house’s interior. This increased heat in a living space can lead to appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners needing to work harder to achieve the same result, which means higher energy bills. Improper ventilation can also lead to: 

    • Water that rots the roof deck, reducing its ability to handle heavy loads.
    • Condensation that reduces the effectiveness of insulation and worsens overall air quality via rot, mildew and mold.
    • Ice dams, which form when attic heat melts snow on a roof, which then freezes again at the edges. These can cause significant water damage as melted water backs up under roof shingles.


  • Better Ventilation with a Licensed Roofing Company Can Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof 
    Even if you make it a point to select durable materials for the top of your building, improper ventilation can have a significant impact on the longevity of your roof. During the summer months, attics that lack adequate ventilation can play host to a large amount of excess heat. This, combined with the humidity that can also stem from improper ventilation, can lead to damaged shingles as the materials deteriorate long before their time.

    In these conditions, the life expectancy of a shingle can be reduced to half of what it should be, meaning you might find yourself replacing your roof’s materials much sooner than you planned. Proper ventilation can save you a great deal of money, as it can help protect your roof from damage while also working to preserve the integrity of your home’s interior structure. 


If you’re seeking out the right licensed roofing company to help you with your ventilation issues, call Cornerstone Roofing at 770-844-9800. Let us show you what a properly ventilated roof can do for you and your home, both down the road and in the short term. 

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