3 Things to Ask when Considering a Gutter Replacement Company

What do you need to know about finding a gutter replacement company?

Nothing less than the best roofer in the area will do when you find yourself in need of a gutter replacement company. After all, you want someone with not only a proven track record and a history of satisfied customers; you want someone who looks at the emergency at hand and sees it as a problem they can fix.

What Are the Right Questions to Ask a Gutter Replacement Company?

Knowing the right questions to ask will help you to narrow down your gutter replacement company choices. Before you make the call, send an e-mail or stop by the office for a visit, here are three questions you may want to ask:

Can you come out before the next storm?

The answer to this depends on when you call and when the storm is due to arrive. However, if you need fast gutter replacement, you should be able to get that through the right company.

How long will a gutter replacement or repair take?

Most gutter repairs, installations, or replacements take less than a day of work by expert licensed contractors.

Are you licensed?

This is a key question because you do not want just anyone repairing the system that ensures water has a clear path away from your roof and home.

When you ask our pros at Cornerstone Roofing these questions, you will be pleased with the answers. We are licensed roofing contractors—GAF certified as a Master Elite Roofing Contractors. Only 2% of the nation’s roofing companies qualify for this certification, and we are proud to be in that number.

Contact our team of gutter replacement experts for any of these roofing needs in the Cumming, Georgia, area:

  • Emergency repair after a storm. No matter the size or scope of the damage we can turn your emergency into just a memory with our considerate customer service and professional roofing skills. You can put your trust in us.
  • Leaks that have been recurring over time with water damage. It is always best to address leaks as soon as they occur. However, we can also solve problems associated with long term leaks.
  • Full roof replacement. Depending on the type of existing roofing and the quality of the contractor that first installed it, a roof should last between 15 to 25 years. If the time has come for a full replacement of your existing roof, we can do the job right so it will last as long as possible.
  • Partial replacement. If you have a section of roof that you want to update, we can tackle that project for you with excellence. This includes skylight installation, shingle repair, gutter replacement, and chimney repair.
  • Any roofing project, no matter how big or small. At Cornerstone Roofing, we work on industrial-sized buildings as well as small homes. Any size and any roofing challenge—we’ve got you covered.

Gutter Replacement Saves You Money and Hassle in the Long Run

Many people put off contacting a professional because they are worried about cost and time. However, damage from a roofing problem typically gets worse and costlier over time, so it is a good idea to call in the experts sooner rather than later.

Contact us today to discuss your roofing needs. Our team of experts at Cornerstone Roofing can turn your stress and worry into peace and satisfaction, because you will once again have a sound roof over your head—no matter the weather outside. Call us at 770-844-9800. We work with all major insurance companies.

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