Advantages of Choosing a Metal Roof

There are several reasons why you may want to choose a metal roof instead of a shingled roof. If you like the look of a metal roof it might be an easy decision to make. If you like the look of shingles, but like the benefits of metal, you are in luck, as you can now find metal roofs that are designed to look like shingles, tiles or even wooden shakes. In addition you can find metal roofing choices in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Metal roof cost

You may find that choosing a metal roof is a very affordable option. While the style and type of roof design may affect the cost, using metal instead of asphalt shingles should typically come in at a lower cost estimate. Your Cumming roofer, Cornerstone, would be happy to give you a free roofing estimate and go over any questions that you may have.

Metal roof wind resistance

Metal roofs are more resistant to wind damage. There are no shingles to flip up or be ripped off by high winds.

Metal roof durability

Metal roofs are resistant to rusting, insects, rot, and corrosion. Metal roofs can easily last more than 25 years, and with a professionally installed metal roof, a metal roof can last more than 50 years.

Fire resistance of metal roofs

Metal roofs have a high fire rating. A metal roof gives you added protection from potential fire threats such as embers from brush fires, and electrical line fires during storms.

Heat conduction of metal roofs

Metal roofs are good in warm climates as it will reflect large amounts of radiant heat from the sun, thus helping to keep your home cool on the inside. This benefit will help in reducing your energy and cooling bills. In the winter months a metal roof with its slick surface and heat conductive properties helps to quickly shed any snow or ice from the roof.

Lightweight material

A metal roof is often 1/5th the weight of a shingled roof and will require less support to overhangs or additions giving your addition a cleaner look.

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