Busting 4 Myths about Roof Insurance Claims

Roof insurance claims can be tough to navigate, but with these four busted myths in your pocket, you can at least know what you’re working with.

Dealing with roof insurance claims isn’t the easiest process, but you can do it as long as you take the time to gather the proper information and understand how the process works. It helps to cut through the fluff, so here are four common myths you shouldn’t believe about roof insurance claims and the real story behind them.

Myth # 1: You Won’t Have to Pay Your Deductible

Any company that tells you this is not being truthful—plain and simple. You will most definitely have to pay your insurance deductible when you file your roof insurance claims, so don’t try to hold back. If a company tells you they can get you out of it or submit reports that will ensure you get to keep it, they’re committing insurance fraud. It’s best to avoid this. Instead, plan on paying your full deductible directly to the roofing contractor you hire, and your insurance company will pay them the rest.

Myth #2: The Insurance Company Will Pay for a Whole New Roof

Probably not, unfortunately. Most likely, your insurance company will pay exactly as much as is necessary to get your roof back into the same shape it was in before the accident. In some cases, this will indeed mean a whole new roof – and possibly a new chimney or other rooftop accouterments – but they won’t do it simply because you needed one before or would like one. They’ll only fix the damage from the incident at hand.

Myth #3: Roof Insurance Claims Coverage Will Match Any Estimate

Your insurance company will match any estimate that is equal to or below what they estimate to be the cost of the damage. They will send an adjustor out to view the damage and determine how much they think it will cost to repair it. Then, they will wait for you to get your own estimate and have the damage repaired by a qualified roofer. The insurance company will then pay an amount up to the estimated amount. If your roofer goes over, you’re stuck with the rest (on top of the deductible), so it’s best to find a reputable and fair roofer who won’t take advantage of you.

Myth #4: Roofing Contractors Have to Guess What Insurance Companies Say

Sometimes getting your roof insurance claims addressed can feel like sorcery. Will the estimates match up? Will you be able to get the work done? But it really isn’t. Roofing companies can look at your insurance adjustor’s estimate, then decide if they feel it’s worth it to do the work for you. They will then:

  • Repair the roof
  • Submit their bills
  • Receive the amount of the deductible from you
  • Receive the rest of the amount from your insurance company
  • … and you’ll have a shiny, fixed roof.

If you believe you need roof inspections following a major storm or other accident or want to file roof insurance claims and hire a roofing expert to repair the damage, you’ve come to the right place. At Cornerstone Roofing, we work with all major insurance companies and are here to help you get what you need when it comes to your roof. Keep your home safe and sound by getting it repaired right away… affordably. Contact us today to the answers to your questions about roof insurance claims.

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