How Can I Tell If I Have Wind Damage and Need Roof Repair?

There are some signs you can use to tell you whether your building needs wind damage roof repair.

There’s nothing pleasant about finding out you need wind damage roof repair. It’s bad enough that storms and bad weather can ruin your plans, but for them to wreak havoc on your rooftop as well is just too much. You depend on your roof for protection from the elements, and storm damage can compromise its ability to get the job done.

Heavy winds are capable of pulling up loose sections of roof and can rip through flashing and raise shingles, which only paves the way for more damage. As such, it’s extremely important to be able to identify the signs of wind damage so you can figure out whether you need to seek out a source for roof repairs and maintenance.

Where Does Wind Damage Occur Most on a Roof?

Wind affects different areas on a rooftop in various ways. The center portions can be much less impacted than the others, as the perimeter of a roof tends to be most susceptible to the effects of strong winds. The majority of damage begins at the edges, although anywhere with loose material is also at risk. The wind can work its way through even the smallest gaps, pushing materials and shingles up from underneath, which in turn gives future gusts more of an opening. This leads to a chain reaction as the roof gradually becomes more and more damaged, with torn and missing shingles becoming apparent over a larger section of rooftop.

What Signs Can You Spot?

Torn and missing shingles aren’t the only visual cues for wind damage. Afflicted areas can include the chimney, roof flashing, ventilation pipes and gutters as well. If you notice damage to these components in addition to missing shingles, you very likely have suffered from wind damage as a result of bad weather. If you’re unsure of what you’re looking at, don’t leave it to chance! Your roof is too important for you to ignore a serious problem. When in doubt, call in a professional roofer to perform a thorough inspection.

Assessing Your Roof Damage and Getting it Repaired is Easy — With the Right Roofer

Your roof protects your home and everything in it, but sometimes there’s just too much for it to handle. At Cornerstone Roofing, we know how to identify the signs of wind damage — we also know how to repair it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, while still maintaining our highest standards of quality. If you’re unsure of how to proceed when it comes to your insurance, we can assist you with the claims process. We’ll even perform an inspection of our own if you feel that the insurance company isn’t giving you a fair assessment.

To learn more about how our team of expert roofing contractors at Cornerstone Roofing can help you with wind damage roof repair, or to schedule an inspection, reach us online or call us today, at 770-844-9800.


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