3 Reasons to Call a Licensed Roofing Company to Fix Your Ventilation Issues

Do you need to contact a licensed roofing company when facing ventilation issues in your home or business? Ventilation problems might not come across as a pressing concern, and you may think this wouldn’t be an urgent issue for a licensed roofing company. However, problems with ventilation can create a number of serious issues down […]

How to Keep the Cold Out of Your House In The Winter

Keep cold weather out of your house

Winter weather is here and your house is colder than you expected.  One option is to crank up the gas or electric heater. Another option is to find out how to keep the cold out of your house in the winter. Here are a few tips to help keep the cold out: Check Doors For […]

How Do I Prevent Black Mold Growth in My Home?

Most Georgia homeowners do not want to hear that they have black mold growing in their homes. Black mold is considered to be toxic and a significant health hazard. However, there are numerous other types of mold species that can take up residence in your home and cause health risks to you and your family.  […]

Is Attic Ventilation Important for the Condition of My Roof?

Attic ventilation is an important aspect that affects the total health and condition of your roof. Proper ventilation protects the roof sheathing, insulation and shingles from temperature and moisture extremes. Attic ventilation is basically a system of intake and exhaust that creates a flow of air throughout the entire year that will protect against damage […]

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