Six Signs You Need Emergency Roofing Repair After a Storm

A tree doesn’t have to fall on your roof for it to require immediate emergency roofing repairs. Severe damage to your roof requiring emergency roofing repair is not always the result of a tree falling. High winds and rain can cause significant damage and must be handled by a professional immediately. When roof damage is […]

How to Get Roof Repair Estimates You Can Count On

Must roof repair be so intimidating? Not with these tips! The two words no homeowner ever wants to hear in a sentence together: roof damage. The words can strike fear into the heart of someone who has never dealt with roof issues or who has had a bad experience with roof repair in the past. […]

Is Repairing a Leaking Roof a Better Option than Replacement?

Learn why repairing leaking roof problems repeatedly isn’t feasible. Repairing leaking roof concerns repeatedly can become frustrating and expensive. Many homeowners view replacing their roof as a costly process – and one that takes too much time. It doesn’t have to be. In some situations, you’ll find that replacing your leaking roof – instead of […]

Are the Best Roofers in Cumming, Georgia, Good Enough to Handle Major Roof Leaks?

If you’re looking for the best roofer in Cumming, Georgia, you’re on the right track towards solving your issue without overpaying for quality services.  Deciding to hire a professional roofer is the right decision, for a whole bunch of reasons, but identifying the best roofer in Cumming, Georgia, is another matter entirely. You’ll be seeking […]

Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta Hail Damage April 2015

prepare your roof for winter

According to the hail map, hail, tornados and thunderstorm damage ripped through the Cobb County area with a vengeance today. Hailstorms are not uncommon to Cobb County and can move quickly. By 1:05 PM, emergency calls were coming in to report that the size of hail was increasing and by 7 PM, storm damage hail […]

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