Chimney Cap Installation

If you are homeowner with a chimney, you may want to consider a chimney cap installation. These simple devices keep rain and animals from getting into your home and chimney. They offer that extra bit of protection and ensure you will not have to deal with unwanted furry guests.

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Rainwater can damage certain elements inside of your chimney. Stainless steel liners, damper and mortar joints can all be adversely affected by rain. Animals can often be found in unprotected chimneys. The types of animals typically found in chimneys include raccoons, squirrels, bats, and birds. With the exception of birds, the remaining animals get trapped inside and eventually die. This leaves you to deal with the decaying animal remains. A chimney cap installed by our expert Cumming, GA roofing team will protect your chimney and keep out the unwanted visitors, saving you the hassle and protecting the animals from harming themselves.

Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney caps also help by preventing downdrafts. If the wind blows a certain direction it could potentially cause a downdraft causing smoke to be blown into your home. The chimney cap has a flat top portion which prevents such wind drafts from happening. These devices also prevent lit embers from escaping the chimney and assist with keeping branches, leaves, and twigs out as well. A one-time chimney cap installation can save you much time and money in the long run.

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