How Common Are Roof Leak Repairs from Wind Damage?

Get the scoop on roof leak repairs that result from wind damage.

Wind is a common accompaniment to storms; however, the other components of inclement weather, such as heavy rain, hail storms, or incessant snowfall, are more often identified as sources of damage requiring roof leak repairs. Although roofs are designed to withstand bad weather, there is only so much they can handle, and their overall durability is heavily dependent on the materials used.

Regardless of what components make up a roof, it stands to reason that over the course of time repairs will become necessary. It is also very possible that wind damage could be the reason the repairs are needed in the first place.

How Wind Damage Can Directly Lead to the Need for Roof Leak Repairs 

When the wind passes over a roof, different portions of the surface are subjected to different levels of pressure. The center area typically faces lower intensity wind, while the perimeter receives much greater wind pressure by comparison. For this reason, wind damage typically begins at the edges of a roof, and when the material loosens, it becomes possible for much greater damage down the line.

A strong wind can damage the bonds between shingles, which can lead to them curling up and being lifted away from the roof itself. Not only does this allow more wind to get in underneath and push the material up even more, but it exposes the layer beneath to other damaging elements, such as rain or ice. Over time, the exposed area will grow as more and more of the damaged layer is pulled up by the wind.

How Wind Can Indirectly Cause Roof Leaks

The indirect damage caused by the wind can be more extensive as wind is capable of blowing around debris that can devastate even the sturdiest of rooftops. Tree branches, shards of glass, and even materials torn from other roofs can cause significant damage. More powerful winds — such as those observed in hurricanes — can hurl debris with enough force to shred a roof’s shingles, and even tamer wind speeds can still cause worrying amounts of damage to a rooftop.

Damaged shingles, as stated previously, can easily lead to much more damage as the wind pulls them away from the layer beneath. Damage caused by flying debris can be worsened by the same winds that carried the materials, making wind damage the kind of problem that can get out of hand very quickly. Additionally, gutters can be clogged by debris, which can lead to even more trouble down the line. 

Roof Leak Repairs for Wind Damage: How to Proceed

Wind damage might not seem like the most daunting of the variations when it comes to the things that can impact your roof, but it can be very serious — especially if left unresolved for too long. The longer you wait, the worse it will get until you find yourself dealing with extensive water damage on top of everything else.

A leaking roof as a result of wind damage should be dealt with quickly, and by professionals who understand how to handle the task at hand. An experienced roofing contractor can fix your roof in a timely fashion, in addition to working with your insurance company to help you avoid spending more than you need to spend. 

If you’ve found yourself dealing with the after-effects of wind damage and you need assistance with roof leak repairs, Cornerstone Roofing can help you avoid future issues by resolving the problem quickly, effectively, and economically.

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