The Top 2 Most Common Roof Problems in Roswell

Common Roof Problems in Roswell

Read and share your own top two most common roof problems in Roswell.

The top two most common roof problems in Roswell will probably come as no surprise to people who already live there. Chances are you’ve had to deal with one of them in the recent past! Been lucky so far? Prepare for the worst by checking out our list:

#1: Wind Blown Roofing

Whether you have metal roofing, asphalt shingles or clay tiles adorning the top of your home, hearty winds can pull them asunder. The gaps left in your roof cover leave room for water and pests to get in. Worse, you won’t know until you notice the problem indoors. By the time you hear the pitter-patter of squirrels in your attic, there could be a whole litter of them!

Yearly inspections, especially after a big storm, help detect wind-blown roofing problems. Getting on your roof is a hassle. It can also be a hazard. Let the professionals inspect your roof while you sit safely indoors spending that time on something you love.

While one or two missing shingles isn’t enough to file an insurance claim over, there are situations where your insurance company would cover the cost of a new roof. Don’t shy away from an inspection because you’re afraid of the cost. No roofing company can work for free, but we’re willing and able to provide you with options.

#2: Excess Heat

Heat? In Georgia? I know it sounds crazy, but right around May, things really start warming up. The sun beats down intently on your home. Those asphalt shingles can reach 150 degrees or more. As you’d imagine, this has a big impact on your AC usage and your monthly bills. It can also lead to cracked shingles, which give moisture and other baddies an easy way in.

Insulating your attic is an easy option. Homeowners have any number of insulation types available, and they work almost instantly. However, you have a few other options, and your roofing company can help you put them in place.

First, if you’re replacing your roof, try to use an energy-friendly option like GAF Timberline® Cool Series® Shingles. After installation, keep an eye on your electric bill. With heating and cooling taking up to 60 percent of the energy use in most homes, you might experience quite the savings.

Just changing the color of your roof can help tremendously. New cool roof products are flooding the market, so make sure you thoroughly research them all before investing any money. A professional roofer can help you figure out which products might work best to protect your roof from the intense southern heat.

Avoid the top two most common roof problems in Roswell by working with a qualified roofing company. Contact our team of experts at Cornerstone Roofing today.

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