Dealing with Trees That Ruin Your Roof

Trim all branches away from your roof to prevent decay and damage.

Our homes are important and large investments that we need to protect and maintain from damage. From painting walls, mowing the lawn to completing renovations, we spend much energy, time, and money on our homes. The main aspect of the home’s structural integrity is its roofing, and it is specifically crucial to ensure it is in a good condition. Learn how to deal with trees that ruin your roof.

Even though trees may be beautiful, there are negative implications of trees on your roof. Trees are among the clearest life indicator in the environment preceded by animals. Trees take different forms and shapes are different from one environment type to the other. But still they have some short coming.

So how do trees affect your roof?

Trim all branches away from your roof to prevent decay and damage.
Trim all branches away from your roof to prevent decay and damage.

Tree branches sometime scratch and scrape the shingles of your roof, and result in major damage. It is recommended that you trim all low-hanging and heavy branches. Small debris like pinecones, nuts, leaves and twigs accumulates on top of your home’s roof and where they rot, leading to faster than normal decay of your shingles.

Other threats to your roof:

Another big threat is climbing plants. Ivy and Wisteria climb up the sides of your house and tear right through shingles and gutters. Ensure that you uproot all invasive climbing species the moment they show up otherwise they will pretty quickly get out of hand.

Debris like leaves, dirt, sticks among other contaminants from trees can be removed by just blowing or sweeping them off because they cause algae build ups that can start to rot the roof of your house or cause clogging on the gutter system. Also, tree branches that are near, touching or hanging over your roof host unwanted pests and insects. To prevent damage that the pests may cause on your house’ roof you should immediately remove the branches.

One main cause of collapse and decay on a roof is poor ventilation. Trees close to your house not only rot your roof, but also hinder the walls from proper ventilation. You have to be watchful on the temperatures inside your house. During the summer, the house becomes terribly warm. It can also be unusually cold during the winter due to poor ventilation caused be thick trees.

Also, when tree debris like leaves and seeds drop, they block gutters causing damage to the roof, so ensure that you keep them clean. Keeping the trees away from your home will help ensure the house can breathe, animals will stay off your roof, leaves and debris stay away and your roof won’t rot and decay years earlier than it naturally would.

The bottom line is to trim all bushes or trees which touch your home, are close to your home or hang over your home. It could help your roof last years longer!

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