Did You Get Your Roof Winter Ready

prepare your roof for winter

With colder than usual temperatures across the country, it is more important than ever to check out the state of your roof. Having an improperly function roof can cost you extra money month after month.

Here’s a checklist help you with your roof for winter

  • Look for missing, cracked or damaged shingles
  • Check your gutter to make sure it’s empty  (to avoid ice dams)
  • Remove any tree branches touching your house
  • Look for damage from hail or other strong storms
  • Look for leaks from your roof

Any one of these issues can cause concern, but when the cold of winter comes, they can be even more troubling.

What to do if you have damaged shingles: If you have an older roof, it’s likely many shingles could be torn, damaged or missing. Options include gluing down badly curled shingles, repairing or replacing cracked shingles, and replacing damaged shingles. Never attempt to climb onto your roof if it is icy, wet or covered with morning dew.

prepare your roof for winterWhat to do if your gutter is full: Besides climbing onto a latter and removing leaves by hand, several options exist to assist with gutter cleaning. Try using a shop vac with a gutter nozzle, use a gutter-running robot, hire a professional, or install gutter guards.

What to do if tree branches are touching or near your roof: Remove branches yourself or hire a professional to carefully trim the trees for you. However, removing a tree or tree branches from your roof yourself can potentially cause more damage than already exists.

What to do if you notice leaks from your roof:  Get an estimate from a certified roofing company, like Cornerstone Roofing. It is imperative to find all the places water is leaking through and why the water is leaking. Then, repairs must be made. Sometimes extensive repairs may be required even to the walls of your home if the damage is extensive. Make sure to check ceilings and walls in your home for water damage.

Remember to periodically check your gutters, shingles, trees near your home and look for leaks in your home after it rains. Leaks can occur at any time. It’s better to catch them earlier  to minimize the damage.

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