What Constitutes Emergency Roofing Repairs in Roswell?

emergency roofing repairs

Discover how to handle emergency roofing repairs before that leak ruins the rest of your home!

Emergency roofing repairs make sure your roof is secure following unexpected damage. This helps prevent more expensive, more extensive problems for your whole home. These can be as fast and efficient as throwing a tarp over the roof for a few nights to replacing your entire roof, when necessary.

Homeowners in Roswell need a provider capable of delivering the help they need to protect their homes, especially in an emergency. Thankfully, Cornerstone Roofing works with all major insurance companies to secure your home as quickly as possible.

Common Types of Roofing Emergencies

  • Wind-related damage: Roswell residents face the risk of hurricanes and tornadoes. The high winds associated with both can rip off your shingles and send projectiles through your roof. Pressure changes can cause your home’s framework to buckle, so it’s important for emergency repairs to include additional bracing when required.
  • Ice and snowstorms: While snow is rare during even the coldest winter months, icy sleet and rain can quickly turn to ice dams which weigh down your roof. Changes in temperature can make your shingles brittle and vulnerable to cracking, warping, and even breaking.
  • Heat waves: The sweltering heat of the summer can do just as much damage as the winter cold. As temperatures rise, your roof can get as hot as 150 degrees and higher. The tar coating under your shingles can bubble and crack, leaving gaps where water can infiltrate your home.
  • Falling trees and branches: The City of Roswell won’t cut down trees located on private property unless they’re a threat to public areas. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to neighbors who neglect their landscaping. When dead or diseased trees lose limbs or fall down, it puts your roof at risk.

What Aren’t Considered Emergency Roofing Repairs

  • Pest damage and removal: Squirrels, raccoons, rats, and other pests will find a safe haven indoors during extreme temperatures or when they’re expecting a new litter of pups. Unfortunately, most insurance companies consider this a maintenance issue versus a real emergency. It’s important to have your roof inspected once a year so you can find and patch any holes critters will use to get inside.
  • Common roof leaks: Shingles have a shelf life. You can’t count on them to keep water out of your home forever. Developing a leak out of the blue could be a sign they have reached the end of their use. Without an apparent cause, many insurance companies will refuse to cover damages for a common roof leak. Signs of poor maintenance can be one reason to deny a valid claim. It’s vital to install shingles with quality warranties and to hire the right company for the job.

Don’t neglect the need for emergency repairs. Act right away to ensure insurance coverage and the safety and security of your home. Hire the right company for emergency roofing repair in Roswell, GA, by clicking or getting on the phone with our friendly experts at Cornerstone Roofing today.

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