How to Find and Fix a Leaking Roof: What Do the Pros Know That You Don’t?

Homeowners wondering how to find and fix a leaking roof can benefit from some expert insights.

Find and Fix a Leaking RoofLearning how to find and fix a leaking roof can be beneficial for any homeowner, for one very important reason: Leaks are bad.

Even the most obvious roof leak can be much larger than it appears; and in many cases, the leak can be surprisingly difficult to locate. This is especially true when you see water stains that span entire sections of wall or ceiling. At times like this, tracking down the source can be a pain, but you’ll need to get it done before the situation can worsen.

A persistent (and unresolved) water leak can compromise entire roof systems. But even if you’re planning to have your roof replaced at some point, addressing a leak issue quickly is vital. Roof leaks can cause significant damage, even in the short term. Risks include decayed wooden beams, mildew, mold, rotten framing, damaged walls and ceilings, and deteriorated insulation.

Identifying and Pinpointing Roof Leaks

Roof leaks aren’t an invisible occurrence. As such, your most important tools for identifying them are your eyes. Pinpointing a leak can be much easier if you have access to the attic. If you do, simply head up there with a flashlight and try to spot the signs. Because water reflects light, you should be able to spot water stains, mold or other indicators of a leak.

If you find the source of a leak and wish to fix it yourself, use a marker to designate the area. Then, when it’s bright outside, have someone tap on the spot with a hard object when you’re on top of the roof. If you can zero in on the rooftop location, that place can be where you begin addressing the leak.

Fixing a Small Roof Leak Due to Nails

The water that leaks through a roof can sometimes travel a great deal, eventually making its way through barriers and using openings intended for items like lights or fixtures. Because water stains can spread, just like the water itself, you might notice “flow stains.” If you see a small stain without any identifiable flow marks around it, the leak could be due to a nail.

Leaks of this nature can occur when a nail used on the roof missed part of what the contractor meant to fasten with it. This nail can actually collect moisture from inside the home, which condenses on the metal when conditions are cold, before melting once they warm up. Clipping these nails should be enough to resolve this issue.  

Handle Roof Leaks Reliably with a Professional Roofer

The most important aspect of a roof leak repair is getting it done right the first time. At Cornerstone Roofing, our experience allows us to tackle any job. Whether it be a new roof installation, or if you need us to find and fix a leaking roof for you, our experts can get the job done. To learn more, contact us now online or call us today at 770-844-9800.

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