Can’t I Just Fix a Leaky Roof Myself?

Fix a Leaky Roof

It’s natural to wonder if you can fix a leaky roof on your own to save money, but this isn’t always possible.

If you’re a handy type of person, or one looking for a bargain, you might be wondering if you could fix a leaky roof without outside help. There isn’t any single answer to this quandary, as certain factors will influence the likelihood of a DIYer resolving a roof leak without expert assistance. A knowledgeable homeowner could potentially mend minor leaks that don’t cover many areas. However, extensive leaks could be too much of a project for non-roofers.

Always ensure that conditions are sunny and dry when attempting any work on your roof, even if you’re only taking a look. Good visibility and stable footing will make accidents less likely to occur.

Addressing Issues with Roof Shingles

If there’s an issue with the shingles, sometimes moisture will seep through the exterior of your rooftop. Problematic shingles include those broken, damaged, curled or missing entirely. Shingles that crumble, lift away easily or are visibly damaged need a quick replacement.

Although shingles that have curled back aren’t exactly damaged, they’re still a problem. Lifted edges on a shingle will compromise its seal. It won’t hold up against moisture as well, which is why correcting the curling is essential. To do this, you need to straighten the shingle back out — if the weather’s cold, you might need to use a heat source to soften the shingles up first.

Since some shingles can be flammable and excess heat can cause significant damage, it’s a good idea to use a hair dryer to heat them up. Once straightened, apply a generous layer of compound or roof cement around the edges.

Evaluating Roof Leaks at Connections

In addition to shingles, the parts of your roof where different surfaces connect can be susceptible to leaks over time. This includes the areas around vent pipes or chimneys. When checking for and addressing damage to these connections:

  • Examine the caulking on the connections, looking for signs of damage or degradation.
  • If you find deteriorated caulking, use a putty knife to remove it.
  • Once the old caulk is gone, thoroughly clean and dry the area.
  • Apply new caulking, following the same lines, and work into any gaps or cracks using an applicator.

The Best Roof Leak Solution? A Professional Roofer

No matter the size or scope of a roof leak, the most critical part of repairing it is getting the job done correctly the first time. Water travels, and as such, a leak will sometimes be difficult to trace back to the source. In other cases, a leak could be much larger than you assume. Failing to address a leak completely could result in more problems down the line as the invading moisture degrades wooden beams and causes mold growth within walls.

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