Flashing Deterioration

Cumming, GA Flashing Repair

Just as a chain is considered only as strong as its weakest link, a roof with flashing deterioration is vulnerable to outside forces penetrating its barrier. A watertight roof protects the rest of the building from rain and water damage. Properly installed flashing helps defend a roof against wind damage as well.

Flashing is installed wherever a roof’s planes intersect, the most vulnerable spot on a roof. It helps to keep water out and to channel it away, ensuring that rainwater does not pond and create problems. Water and moisture that seeps in under improperly installed flashing or flashing that needs replacement can reach the wood sheathing and joists underneath, creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria to thrive in.

Valley flashing forms the shape of a “v” (or in some cases a “w”) and is used wherever a roof’s planes meet. Step flashing, so named because it “steps up” a dormer, gable or chimney, prevents moisture from getting into the joints where the different angles intersect. Vent flashing is round and fits over vent pipes installed on a roof, guiding water from the area. Drip edge flashing is used along the eaves to keep moisture from seeping in under the roof’s edges.

Age, as well as temperature changes, can cause flashing to degrade. It is usually detected first at the seams, corners and curves of a roof. Caught early enough, a small repair is all that is necessary. Whether a new piece is needed or just a fresh application of caulk, a timely repair can delay or even negate the need for a major roof replacement job.

Repairing or replacing roof flashing is not a do-it-yourself project nor should you hire a local handyman for this dangerous job. In order to work correctly, the flashing itself must be installed correctly. Amateur mistakes can be costly roof leak problems for the owner. Uninsured workers that hurt themselves often end up taking the owners to court for medical bills and unlicensed workers don’t pull the proper permits when needed. Protect yourself by hiring Cornerstone Roofing, Inc.

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