3 Signs You Need Flashing Roof Repair

flashing roof repair

Even if you’re certain of what to do once you discover that you need flashing roof repair, you still need to know what to look out for in the first place.  

For anyone unfamiliar with flashing roof repair, or flashing in general, the term refers to one of the materials found on rooftops. Roof flashing is the sheet metal installed at edges, connections, and breaks on your rooftop. Wherever there is a higher possibility of leaks, flashing can help to prevent them.

This task is why you must address flashing damage as quickly as possible. Leaks are problems that tend to balloon, especially if not remedied early on. Staying aware of your flashing’s condition and keeping an eye out for the warning signs will help you stay clear of future roof leaks and water damage.

You’ve Got Water Leaking Past the Roof

A roof leak can stem from countless different sources. Also, as your home and rooftop age, the list of potential leak causes will only grow. Still, your flashing should be one of the first things you look into if you’re discovering roof leaks that appear to be worse than you expected.

Since flashing goes where the different planes of a roof connect, an issue with flashing can produce a much more significant leak than what you’d find with a damaged shingle. If water is seeping through, or past, your flashing, you’ll have extensive moisture damage, as well as mold and bacteria growth.

Your Roof Has Ponding Water

Roof flashing isn’t just for preventing leaks at roof connections. It also serves to channel rainwater away, an important measure for keeping water from collecting on your rooftop. Ponding water will cause damage to a roof over time — if you discover that water has started to collect on your roof, you could be dealing with a flashing issue.

Degraded Flashing at Roof Edges

Flashing tends to wear down as time goes on, but changes in the temperature can also contribute to its deterioration. Although flashing is at different points on your rooftop, damage tends to occur at corners and seams first. If the metal looks like it’s misshapen in places, it’s worth exploring further. Uncovering the need for flashing repair early can help you avoid a host of other, more expensive problems.

Flashing is a type of roofing component that needs correct to function properly. Opting for higher-quality materials won’t produce any additional benefits if you’re not hiring the right people to perform the repairs or replacement. This means a flashing job is typically not going to be the kind of project most homeowners can attempt without help.

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