What Happens During a Roof Damage Inspection in the Atlanta Area?

Get the most from your roof damage inspection in the Atlanta area.

After a major storm, all your neighbors will be seeking a roof damage inspection in the Atlanta area. You might be relieved when someone comes unsolicited to your door to provide you with on-site quotes. Beware of these supposed knights in shining armor. They might be little more than snake oil salesman. You should receive a few simple things from any legitimate inspection.

Here’s what you can expect from a professional:

A legitimate company performing an inspection for roof damage will have local references.

Fly-by-night operations soar into storm-battered areas to offer their assistance, sometimes at unbeatable prices. When you’re facing tens of thousands of dollars in damage and loss, you might jump at the chance to have your roof repaired or replaced for pennies on the dollar. The problem comes after you’ve paid a deposit. Scam artists will take your money and disappear. It can be next-to-impossible to find the fake contractor and get your money back, so make sure you do due diligence with any roofing company that comes to your door.

Legitimate companies sometimes do cold-calls, but when they show up at your door, they have local contact information and a list of local references you can call to check on their performance. These companies won’t ask you for a penny to perform an inspection and will make sure they can do a thorough inspection, either by sliding their ladders up to the side of your home or using drones to capture an aerial view.  

A legitimate company will share the typical warning signs for a damaged roof.

Every region has its particular risks. This is why working with local contractors is so important. Companies driving in from hundreds of miles away won’t know what damage will invite future problems. Companies like Cornerstone Roofing understand the cracks and bubbles apparent in damaged shingles can invite bugs and leaks into your home.

You should be able to ask any legitimate inspector what major concerns he or she is looking out for, and more importantly, why. What kind of damage has a recent storm caused? How does it put your home at risk? How is this supported by storms occurring in the past? A contractor who can’t answer those questions simply isn’t qualified to perform an inspection.

A legitimate company providing will be concerned with quality repairs for your Atlanta roof damage.

Sometimes, your insurance company will recommend preferred roofing companies in your area. These companies might receive kickbacks for keeping repair costs low. For that reason, it’s sometimes best to avoid them, but they’re not the only low-balling problem.

Scam artists of another variety offer property owners ultra-affordable repairs, only to follow up with low-quality materials and poor quality craftsmanship. For instance, instead of replacing your roof with the same quality shingles, they might spread rolled roofing across to patch a leak. This material is not intended for large structures as it is unattractive and quick to tear and split.

After a storm causes damage to your home, it’s more important than ever to get a reputable roof damage inspection in the Atlanta area. Keep scammers at bay and get to work on necessary home repairs by requesting a free quote from our expert team at Cornerstone Roofing.

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