How Can I Safely Clean My Roof?

Cleaning a home’s roof is a commonly neglected maintenance chore. Over time, grime, mildew, mold and stains buildup and not only mar the appearance, but can cause roof damage to the roof structure itself. Cleaning a roof is an important preventative measure; however, improper cleaning can damage the roof you are trying to protect.

A home with a clean roof will enhance its curb appeal as well as help to maintain a good market value. In addition, a clean roof will help your wallet by helping to improve the overall energy efficiency, extend the life of the roof, and helps you to discover and repair any problems that may occur before any major damage occurs.

While there are many good reasons to keep your home’s roof clean, your skill and safety needs to be examined. Trying to clean your roof is a dangerous job that can lead to serious injury. A single fall or slip from the roof could cause not only injury, but death.

What Are The Methods To Clean A Roof?

Roofs are generally cleaned by one of three common methods; pressure washing, and the application of solutions that contain either sodium hydroxide or chlorine bleach. The cleaning process generally needs to be repeated every six months to a year and a half. You need to clean the roof properly following the correct procedure or you could do more damage to your roof than good. When in doubt, hire a roofing professional to clean your roof.

What Kind Of Roof Damage Could Occur?

Cleaning your own roof could lead to possible damage. For example, pressure cleaning can wash off the asphalt granules on the shingles or wash away layers of color on a tile roof. With use of cleaning solutions, not thoroughly rinsed off, leads to continuing corrosive action causing damage to the shingles. In addition, plant life, pets and anyone who may come in contact with the cleaning solutions could be injured by these toxic solutions.

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