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There are times when a homeowner requests an inspection to answer specific questions, such as evaluating which roofing system is best for saving money on energy bills and homeowners insurance premiums or to check for warning signs of roof damage. Inspections may be required when buying or selling property or by property insurers after storm damage occurs. Homeowners may need an inspection to upgrade or remodel or they may request an inspection as part of routine maintenance.

We’ll check to see if the leak barriers are adequate. We’ll also look at the plywood under the roof covering, which can separate, warp and buckle, as well as fascia and soffit, looking for rotten or damaged wood, and/or signs of insect infestation or rodent infestation. Deteriorated flashing and improperly attached materials are also cause for concern, as is evidence of leaks and streaks or patches of discoloration caused by mold, mildew, algae, mosses and lichens. Cumming, GA roofer expert Cornerstone Roofing also inspects the gutter system on the building, checking for blockage, improper drainage direction, and if it is securely attached. Misaligned or cracked sections will be documented.

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We’ll check for evidence of inadequate ventilation and look for signs of condensation. Improper attic ventilation can cause temperatures in excess of 150º, making your cooling system work harder than it needs to and generating high energy bills. Moisture and heat build-up also means high moisture content, creating a perfect condition for mildew and bacteria to grow. Increased respiratory problems may also indicate a higher number of mold spores in the air.

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A well-maintained roof adds value to your Cumming, GA commercial or residential building and protects those who occupy it and their belongings from the elements. A well-timed inspection can keep it that way, without interruption. We carry our own ladders and equipment to access different areas of your home and make every effort to clean up after ourselves, including hauling away all debris. We are careful of your belongings and treat you and your home with the respect you deserve. All employees are screened for drugs and background checked.

Cornerstone Roofing is familiar with Forsyth County building codes and regulations and guarantees that all work will be in compliance, meeting or exceeding roofing requirements.

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