Tips and Tricks to Help Your Roof Keep the Cold Weather Out

Keep the Cold Weather Out

What can you do to keep the cold weather out of your home? Follow these easy tips!

Just like a hat keeps your body warm, a secure roof helps to keep the cold weather out of your home. With the right maintenance and repairs, you can make your house more comfortable during bad weather and reduce your heating bills. You can also reduce your risks of condensation building up in your attic and avoid expensive damage.

So, what are the best ways to keep your roof bundled up all winter? Take these easy tips from the professionals.

Have an Inspection Performed before Winter Begins

All roofs age and even new roofs sometimes experience unexpected damage. Before winter sets in, hire a reliable roofing company to perform a roof inspection. Replace cracked, curled, or missing shingles to make sure the icy water of winter stays out.

Clean Out Your Gutters

The gutter system on your home is essential to drain away water, sleet, ice, and any potential snow that might fall during the winter months. Clogged gutters force this moisture to pool on your roof where it could eventually find a way indoors. It can also overflow and run down your siding or pool at the base of your foundation where it can seep into the lower levels of your home.

Reinforce Caulk and Flashing Around Seals and Roof Punctures

From skylights to satellite dishes, there are many items you might install that will put holes in your roof. Installed correctly, they will include barriers that will protect your home from moisture, but these barriers can wear out over time. Pay close attention to flashing during your roof inspection and replace or reinforce areas of concern. Keep an eye out for worn out, cracked, or missing caulking as well.

Secure Your Soffits

A common mistake homeowners make is ignoring cracks, breaks, or gaps in soffits, the material that runs underneath the edge of your roof to the siding on your home. Vulnerabilities in your soffits allow drafts – and pests – into your attic and the spaces in your exterior ceilings and walls.

Improve Insulation and Attic Ventilation

Part of keeping your roof secure is controlling heat and condensation generated in the attic. You do this by controlling the heat that enters the space from down below and by preventing it to from becoming extreme. Experts recommend thick R-38 insulation or a spray foam equivalent for the uppermost ceiling in your home for this reason. Ideally, you will have a ridge ventilation system installed to ensure relatively cool, fresh air moves freely through the space regardless of the weather outdoors.

An expert can help you secure your home for the winter. Be more comfortable every day of the year and worry less about the impact the cold will have on your comfort and your energy use. Protect your property from damage and lower your bills, starting with a roofing inspection.

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