Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta Hail Damage April 2015

prepare your roof for winter

According to the hail map, hail, tornados and thunderstorm damage ripped through the Cobb County area with a vengeance today. Hailstorms are not uncommon to Cobb County and can move quickly. By 1:05 PM, emergency calls were coming in to report that the size of hail was increasing and by 7 PM, storm damage hail in Powder Springs had reached the size of a quarter. Other areas reported golf ball size hail.

prepare your roof for winter

The ferocious storms left a trail of hail-damaged Marietta roofs and homeowners must now contend with felled trees, damage repairs and/or roof replacement, as well as insurance claims. Northeast Cobb County experienced a mix of hail and rain that showed little mercy to 92 year old Yolanda Rossi, who is now left with the chore of cleanup after a tree damaged the corner of her home.

Area Residents Affected by Roswell Roof Storm Damage Need to Repair Quickly

The old saying, “a stitch in time saves nine” is true. Photos posted at reveal the ominous clouds that moved in and threatened homes. Area residents affected by Roswell roof storm damage need to repair quickly. As a first line of defense, doors, windows and your roof keep inclement weather from damaging your home’s interior. Ignoring needed roof repairs can be the equivalent of removing your front door. Prompt attention following a storm prevents further damage and increased costs. Don’t ignore needed repairs or replacement. This is also an opportunity to bring your roof up to current code, further hardening your home against future storms.

GA Roof Insurance Claims

When filing an insurance claim, hire a company with Georgia roof insurance claims experience. A licensed, insured, and fully qualified roof repair company familiar with county and state roofing regulations in the Roswell, Georgia area knows how to work with insurers. This not only protects homeowners against future damage and outdated building practices, it ensures north metro Atlanta homeowners that all work is done efficiently and usually results in lower energy expenses.

Choosing a Qualified Georgia Roofer Can Mean the Difference Between a Leaky Roof and a Satisfied Customer

From Marietta and Roswell to Johns Creek and Alpharetta, avoid disappointment by choosing a qualified Georgia roofer who leaves customers safe, dry, and fully satisfied with the quality of workmanship. Unscrupulous repairmen can create more damage than originally experienced. Make sure the company you hire provides proof of licensing and insurance coverage and double check to see that coverage is in effect. Get a detailed estimate and ask about additional warranty options and special offers.

Word of mouth recommendations are great, but a check with the Atlanta Better Business Bureau may reveal a history of dissatisfied customers. Ask how long the company has been in business and avoid anyone who suggests a scheme that doesn’t sound quite right.

While today’s storms turned lives upside down, seeking out a reputable Roswell area roof repair company is the quickest way to return to your normal routine as fast as possible without a continuous run around.

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