Do Missing Roof Shingles in Woodstock Mean Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

If you’ve got missing roof shingles, it’s natural to wonder if you’re better off with repairs, or something more drastic.

missing roof shinglesYou can address missing roof shingles in multiple ways. The extent of the problem will determine the solution, which could involve repairs or a replacement. A roof replacement might seem like overkill, but it’s important to keep the roof’s primary function in mind. It shields your home from the elements 24 hours a day, and it is therefore under constant stress.

Wind, rain, sunlight, snow, as well as fallen debris, can inflict a lot of wear and tear on a rooftop. As such, your roof’s condition could make a replacement the best course of action. There are some other factors to consider as well.

Roof Replacement Can be the Cheaper Option for Shingle Trouble

Upfront, a replacement will cost more than repairs. However, this isn’t necessarily the case for the long term. For shingles that have broken or fallen away, replacing individual sections can be fairly straightforward and inexpensive. In cases where the damage is much more significant, replacing the roof itself (or a section) could be the better option.

A roof replacement can be a cheaper alternative, given that you’ll be avoiding future repairs. You’ll also improve the overall value of your home — a new roof can even earn you better insurance rates.

The Condition of Your Roof Is a Factor

If your shingle problems are serious, it could mean added exposure to damage to your roof. Without the protective layer of shingles on top, everything from moisture and pests to falling debris can penetrate the rooftop’s barrier.

Not only does this lead to costly trouble for the rest of your house, but it makes basic shingle repair unlikely to be enough. If there is water damage and other trouble down below, replacing sections of shingles would be like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. It might seem to be the simpler option, but it isn’t solving the real problem at hand.

A Dependable Roofer Helps You Pick a Shingle Solution

If the process of deciding on what to do about your roof problem is overwhelming, that’s because you’re not a roofer! Luckily, reputable roofing contractors can help you figure out your ideal solution. Since every roof is unique, a roofing inspection is the most reliable way to determine the scope of the issue. This ensures a more accurate picture of the situation, which makes it less likely that you overlook a subtle problem.

Even small roof problems can become big headaches over time, especially if you end up getting other issues repaired. You’ll assume everything is fine, all while the hidden fault grows, leading to another round of repairs coming around much sooner than you would’ve liked.

At Cornerstone Roofing, we’ll catch the small issues as well as the obvious ones. Whether you need repairs or a replacement for your missing roof shingles in Woodstock, our experienced team of roofers can get the job done right, the first time. Call 770-844-9800 or reach us online today for an estimate.

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