Is it a Good Time to Look at New Roof Costs in Johns Creek?

new roof costs

When you’re looking into new roof costs, it’s natural to wonder if you’re searching at the right time.

When it comes to putting in a new roof, cost is likely the first factor to come to mind. A new roof can be a big job, with a big price tag to go along with it. But does the time of year make a difference? Is there a particular time-frame homeowners should look out for?

Hoping to get the new roof your John’s Creek home needs without spending more than you have to? The following guidelines will help you figure out if the timing is right.

Which Season Is Best for Roof Cost Shopping?

When it comes to roof work, just like with many other industries, there tends to be a slow season and a busy season. During autumn, when many homeowners are looking ahead to winter and scrambling to get their roof issues handled, things tend to get much busier. Spring has a similar impact, as people who’ve waited for an end to the cold weather get the ball rolling.

A lot of roofers adjust their rates, particularly the labor costs, based on how busy the current season is. As such, jobs in the fall and spring seasons are likely to come with higher estimates and less accommodating time-frames.

Summer tends to be slower than spring, although there is typically steady work for roofers. With so many people taking their vacations at this time, a lot of homeowners avoid starting major home projects. And of all the seasons, unless you have harsh weather in your location, winter is the absolute best time to seek out a good price for a roofing job.

What Other Timing Factors Affect Roofing Costs?

Although the calendar should be an important factor in your search, it isn’t the only thing to consider. When you’re looking to begin a major roofing job, you’ll need to plan with the weather in mind. Specifically, you want to avoid starting new projects when precipitation or heavy winds are in the forecast.

These can make the work progress more slowly, in addition to adding the risk of water damage to your home’s interior. You should also avoid freezing temperatures as well, meaning those living in more northern areas should opt for roof work earlier in the winter as opposed to later.

Trust Cornerstone Roofing, No Matter the Time

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