Pricing Comparisons Between Different Roofing Tiles And Shingles

There are many types and styles of roofing that appear on Georgia homes.  The decision on which type of roofing to select may be made for style that matches home’s design, color choice, appearance, durability, and cost, to name a few.  These decisions are made when building new, adding additions, repairing or replacing an older home’s roof.

Georgia Roofer Cornerstone

Most Georgia roofs are made to last 15 to even 100 years depending on the material and quality of the workmanship. A call to Dawsonville roofer, Cornerstone, for a free roofing inspection and estimate will help you make your decision.

Cost Estimates For Roofing Materials

Knowing some general cost estimates may help with your initial as well as final decision on which roofing material to choose. You can discuss each of the options below with your Cumming roofer during a free roof inspection.

Asphalt Shingles: $50-$150 per square, easy to install with variety of colors, life span of 15-30 years, high maintenance

Wood Shingles and Shakes: $100-$165 per square, difficult to install properly, long lasting, high maintenance, fire hazard, poor weathering

Metal: $100-$650 per square, difficult to install if not by professional contractor, high upfront cost, durable, recyclable, low maintenance, and can be installed over existing roofs

Spanish Tile:  $300-$600 per square, life span to 70 years, very high upfront costs, heavy

Clay Tiles: $300-$600 per square, long lasting, variety of colors, complex to install, high upfront cost

Slate Tiles: $450-$1550 per square, long lasting to 100+ years, fire proof, low maintenance, very high upfront costs, heavy

Free Roofing Inspection in North Metro Atlanta

If you are considering a new roof, or need an older roof repaired or replaced, call your Roswell GA roofer, Cornerstone Roofing, for a free roofing inspection. During their visit, get answers to any questions you may have and discuss all of the options available for your specific needs.

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