Will You Know Proper Gutter Installation When You See It?

Proper Gutter Installation

 Your home deserves a proper gutter installation, but you might be unclear on what that means.

Even if you’re looking forward to upgrading your roofing system, you should still stay aware of what makes a proper gutter installation. Newer can mean better, but not always — an incorrectly installed gutter can lack durability or function (or both), leading to costly water damage and frequent repairs. Your gutters protect you and your family from the tremendous amount of water that could otherwise collect on and around your house. This job is too important for you to jeopardize with a poor installation!

Read on for some items worth considering when you’re evaluating a gutter system installation for your home.

Be Mindful of Gutter Materials

All gutters are not equal, and this also applies to the metals used to make them. Steel gutters have lost popularity over the years, and for good reason: over time, steel will deteriorate due to ongoing exposure to the elements. Rust can develop, and the paint finish can begin peeling within just a few years, creating an undesirable appearance. Eventually, steel gutters will also leak at the seams as deterioration compromises the material’s integrity.

Aluminum has become the gutter material of choice. Here’s why:

  • It is a cost-effective option
  • The baked paint on aluminum gutters can last nearly as long as the gutters themselves
  • They hold up better over time than steel
  • They can appear seamless, which can provide a nice aesthetic for homes

Properly Installed Gutters Help Prevent Mold

If someone doesn’t have gutters that are doing their job correctly, they could end up dealing with the fallout from a damp basement. When gutters don’t keep moisture away from a house’s foundation, the pooling water can seep down into the basement, leading to the growth of mold and mildew.

Houses built on top of slabs are at even greater risk for moisture buildup underground. To combat this, a properly installed gutter system will have downspouts that direct water away from the house’s foundation. This is also important from a health standpoint, as mold growth can have a harmful impact indoor air quality. If left untreated, issues like this can worsen symptoms in people suffering from breathing disorders like asthma.

The Best Installations by the Best Roofers

At Cornerstone Roofing, we demonstrate our commitment to quality every single day on the job. Whether you’re in need of repairs or a new gutter installation, we have a range of top-quality rain gutters that look good while working at maximum capacity. We are a GAF certified roofer, which places us among the best in our area of expertise!

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