How to Replace Missing Roof Shingles without Breaking Your Neck

Wondering how to replace missing roof shingles? Read on to learn how to protect your health and safety.

Interested in learning how to replace missing roof shingles? It sounds like you’ve got a bit of a roofing issue on your hands! It’s not the kind of problem you want to put off addressing for too long. Your roof is what keeps your family and your belongings protected from the elements, and missing shingles can lead to many other issues if left untreated. But is it worth risking your neck up on top of your roof? And how long can you afford to wait before addressing missing shingles?


When It Comes to Missing Shingles, Time Is of the Essence

Missing shingles might not seem like much of an emergency, but if you don’t handle this issue quickly enough, other problems can stem from it. Without the protective layer of shingles on top, your home becomes more susceptible to the elements. Over time excess water can seep into your roof, leading to rotting wood and a weakened structure underneath. There is the risk of moisture causing the potential growth of harmful mildew and mold in your house as leaks begin to occur. Additionally, broken or missing shingles lead to more of the same as moisture lifts and deteriorates shingles over time.

You might not have become aware of the shingle problem right away, which is even more reason to get it handled quickly. There’s no telling how long the issue has been there, given that we typically don’t examine our rooftops on a regular basis.


Handle Missing Roof Shingles with Both Feet on the Ground

Unless you’re fond of the idea of slipping from a rooftop, it is much safer to call for professional roofers instead of replacing shingles yourself. They possess equipment and know safety measures that most homeowners do not, meaning they can get the job done faster and more safely than any amateur could manage alone.

Aside from that, it also makes more sense from a practical standpoint. Since missing shingles often go hand-in-hand with other issues, an experienced roofer will assess any additional damages as well. Simply patching up the surface and ignoring other problems, such as water damage or leaks, would only result in more headaches and expenses down the line. Entrusting your roof repair to an expert instead of risking your neck on the roof will provide thorough, dependable results you can count on to last.

If you’ve run into a problem, don’t go fetching your old ladder and reading up on how to replace missing roof shingles. Stay safe and call in the professionals! At Cornerstone Roofing we can perform a thorough inspection to make sure your roof issues are in optimal condition by the time we stop working. Visit us online or call us today at (770) 844-9800 for a free roofing estimate.

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