Hail Damage

Storms challenge Cumming, GA homes in Forsyth County roofs year round and hailstorms do a lot of roof hail damage. Made of ice and dirt, high wind slams hail into buildings with the force of a machine gun, damaging anything in its path. Hail is formed when rain, caught within the vortex of a cloud, passes back and forth between warm and freezing air, collecting layers of ice until the iced over raindrops grow too heavy for the wind within the cloud and fall to the ground, their weight increasing the force.

Irregularly shaped pellets of ice, hailstones can range in size from ¼” to grapefruit size and have the capability to leave holes in the protective covering on your roof. In worst case scenarios, they can cause splits in wood shingles. Asphalt shingles can lose granules, leading to deterioration and possible breaches.

Hail Damage Repair

While you cannot stop Mother Nature, you can do all you can to protect your home from the destructive force of hail. Start off on the right foot by calling Cumming roofer, Cornerstone Roofing, for a free roof inspection and estimate on needed repairs or maintenance to strengthen your home against storms. We’ll look for torn or missing shingles, flashing deterioration, and other warning signs of roof damage caused by hail.

Hail and wind damage from hurricanes and tornadoes usually result in an insurance claim. Cornerstone Roofing will advise and guide you through the claims process, explaining how roofing insurance claims work as well as providing the documentation needed to justify your claim. Upgrading with a new roof made of cutting edge latest technology that meets current code should lower premiums for most policies. The savings vary from company to company, but we encourage you to factor in such savings when weighing the pros and cons of replacement versus repairs.

Regardless of your final decision, you can rest easy, knowing that Cumming’s Cornerstone Roofing will give you honest advice that is based on your need. We replace or repair flat roofs and metal roofs, traditional coverings or the latest technology.

Hail damage to your gutters or chimney caps? Call us today for a free estimate. GAF certified.

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