Inadequate Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation in your Cumming, GA home is nothing to sneeze at, but allergy sufferers will be doing at lot of it when they live in a home that has improper attic ventilation. A properly vented attic allows for unimpeded airflow, a key component when you need to maintain a dry environment. When the ventilation gets blocked, or is inadequate to begin with, moisture creeps in and as it permeates wood, insulation, and structural support, mold and mildew sets in. The spores they create are released into the air and eventually are breathed in by the building’s occupants. Unhealthy even for people without lung problems, asthmatics and those with other breathing issues are especially vulnerable. Children and the elderly are also susceptible to decreased air quality.

Rectifying ventilation problems is cost efficient as well as health conscious. Good air circulation means your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work harder than necessary. Call today for a free evaluation of your Cumming, GA area attic ventilation problems. We’ll check for existing problems as well as roof damage warning signs of possible future trouble.

Inadequate Ventilation Solution

For our ecology minded Cumming, GA customers, we offer solar powered ridge vents. Exceeding the intake airflow of existing venting, this cutting edge technology quickly pays for itself in lower energy bills. We repair or replace roof louvers and turbines, ridge vents, soffit and gable end vents.

Whether your attic needs a relocation of vent placement or improved insulation, we’ll advise you on the best solution to your individual situation. Johns Creek insulation installers, Cornerstone Roofing, are experienced professionals that know how to avoid costly mistakes, such as inadvertently blocking vent holes. We recommend Certainteed insulation. We specialize in installing exhaust vents and attic intake vents as well as the installation of whole house fans, filters, and chimney safety caps. For roof inspections, save time and money by calling Cornerstone Roofing.

Knowledgeable and the experienced, when you need Forsyth County roofing services, call Cornerstone Roofing, Inc. at (770) 844-9800. We are proud of our excellent record of superior service at fair rates.

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