Missing Or Torn Shingles

Whether your roof needs shingle roof repair for a few torn or missing shingles, or a complete roof replacement, Cumming, GA Cornerstone Roofing in Forsyth County recommends immediate attention to the problem. The biggest threat to the ability of a shingle roof to protect a home or business is not the outside elements, but owner neglect or procrastination.

Whether it is a matter of economics or you just haven’t gotten around to calling, we urge you to make time today. We’ll give you a quick response and conduct a thorough inspection of the condition of your roof, checking for warning signs of roof damage, and give you a free estimate for your shingle roof repair or replacement.

Shingle Roof Repair

Failing to handle your shingle roof repair in a timely manner can lead to big problems. As weather conditions from the heat of a Georgia summer to the arctic winter blasts that sweep down to beat away at the failed section, moisture seeps in, causing even more deterioration to surrounding shingles and the under layer. What was once an inexpensive repair can become a costly headache. Ignoring the fact that your shingle roof has reached its lifespan might seem a thrifty alternative at the time but can quickly turn into hours of calls, damage control, and possibly documenting roofing insurance claims.

Torn shingles often go unnoticed for long periods of time, a situation that can lead to compound problems. As rainwater and snow and ice melts work its way into the tear or crack, the shingle lifts and flashing deterioration escalates. The roof, including structural supports, becomes a sponge that attracts mold and/or insects. Structural damage soon follows.

A good roof is a strong selling point. Home buyers and their potential insurers pay close attention to roof condition. A well maintained roof gives you the edge when facing competition in a tough real estate market. For many policyholders, upgrading the roof also means lower insurance rates.

Don’t wait until wind damage, hail damage or other rain and water damage eat away at your home and wallet. Your problems are easily solved by calling Cornerstone Roofing at (770) 844-9800 for a free roofing estimate of your home or commercial building.

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