Roof Damage Repair You Might Need in Cumming

roof damage repair

Stressful as it can be to need roof damage repair, being aware of what causes the damage in the first place might help you avoid it.

If your home is in perfect condition, why bother worrying about roof damage repair? In Cumming, Georgia, and countless other areas within the United States, understanding the elements that lead to roof damage can help you better understand how to steer clear of issues down the road.

Strong Winds Create Damage that Stacks

In climates like Georgia’s, with warm climates and a high risk of storms, wind is a real problem. It not only brings down trees, but it can lead to extensive roof damage over time. What’s particularly troubling about wind damage on a roof is that it builds up exponentially.

As strong winds push into the cracks and edges on a rooftop, like at the borders of shingles, it raises the surfaces. A raised shingle is an even bigger target for more wind damage, and the problem will only continue to grow as more shingles get lifted up. Eventually, water will have no trouble sinking beneath the rooftop level.

Water Often Leads to Roof Damage

Water damage is one of the most prominent causes of roof complications in the United States. In regions close to the water, like on the East Coast, the risk is even higher. Thunderstorms, hurricanes and periods of heavy rain create countless opportunities for moisture to slip past your roof’s outer defenses. Once it gets through the roof layer, invading moisture can impact your home on many levels. It can eat away at wooden beams, damaging your house’s structure, and the water could lead to mold growth.

There is even a chance of power outages and fires if the leaks come into contact with electrical panels or wiring. Repairing and maintaining shingles and roof flashing will help you stave off water damage by keeping the rain out in the first place.

Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail can hurt your roof on the top as well as the siding. Your rooftop is strong enough to repel the elements, but hailstones — especially the big ones — can cause real damage. They damage shingles, wearing away the layer of protection they provide. This can be a precursor to cracks and leaks unless you can identify the damage early on.

Unfortunately, spotting hail damage isn’t always easy. It can be identifiable by seeking out dark circles on the roof, which would indicate where the material suffered damage. To be safe, hiring a professional for the job will take the uncertainty out of the equation.  

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