Does the Roof Repair Company File an Insurance Claim for a Leaking Roof?

Not sure how to proceed with your insurance claim for leaking roof issues? The right roofing company can help you get it done.

Your rooftop is one of the most important parts of your house, which makes the process of filing an insurance claim for a leaking roof especially critical. A bad leak isn’t something you should ever try to “wait out,” as it isn’t the kind of issue that can fix itself over time. It’s also the type of problem that will only get worse if left alone, so the faster you take care of it, the better.

Unfortunately, all too often homeowners find themselves stuck when faced with the prospect of filing an insurance claim. You might be wondering if your roofer can do this for you — although the claim will ultimately be coming from you, the policyholder, a reputable roofing contractor can help make the process much easier.

Back up Your Leaking Roof Claim with an Inspection

If you’re making a claim for your roof, your insurance company will most likely send an inspector to examine the damage. If your policy covers the cause of the leak, the inspector will determine how much you should receive to get the repairs done. This doesn’t always work out in the homeowner’s favor, as the insurance company might not agree about the extent of the damage.

In cases like this, they’d assert that the repairs will require less compensation than you believe to be the case. Luckily, you don’t have to accept their verdict! You can get your own inspection done, and if your roofer discovers something the insurance company’s inspector missed, you could potentially get them to change their stance on the appropriate payout.

Find a Roofer with Insurance Claim Experience

Whether the problem is a leaky roof or anything else related to your home’s roof, what you need in your corner is a roofing contractor who understands the insurance claims process. The right roofer will be able to assist your claim with an additional inspection, but that’s not all.

At Cornerstone Roofing, we work with all major insurance companies, and we have extensive experience with every aspect of the claims process. Even if you’re at a total loss as to how you should proceed, our roofing experts can provide the guidance you need, all the way from when you submit your claim to the moment your roof is back to normal.

Although you’ll be filing your own claim, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on your own. To learn more about the right way to file an insurance claim for a leaking roof, reach out to us today at 770-844-9800! Our team of professionals at Cornerstone Roofing understands exactly how to move forward with your insurance company. We’ll also get the work done the way you want it, on schedule and within budget. Get in touch to get your leaking roof repaired sooner than later.




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