What Roof Repair in Roswell Looks Like After a Hail Storm

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Are you trying to determine what to expect from roof repair in Roswell post-hail storm? Here’s what typically happens.

Do you have hail storm roof repair in Roswell on the brain? Maybe you just went through a storm or are trying to be proactive before the stormy season ahead. Let’s get some answers to your questions so you can know what happens with your roof after a hail storm hits.

In Roswell, we have had our share of hail storms over the years. We all know that familiar sound of pellets (hopefully NOT larger than that!) falling onto the roof and windows. If you aren’t so lucky, you may even have experienced some serious roof damage as a result.

At Cornerstone Roofing, we know exactly what to do to put our customers’ minds at ease and expertly handle hail damage to a roof following a storm of any size and severity. Here’s what you can expect when you use our services for hail damage repair:

Thorough Hail Damage Inspections

An expert inspection as soon as possible is an essential first step to determine if roof repair is even necessary. Keep in mind, while you may not be able to visibly observe damage, it can still exist. A professional inspection ensures you identify any underlying issues you might not catch at first look. Furthermore, an inspection will pinpoint exactly what damage has taken place, which can be helpful when filing insurance claims.

A List of All Damages and Necessary Repairs

After a hail storm, your roof may have any number of damages, including:

  • Split wood shingles
  • Deterioration of roofing materials like holes in the roof’s protective cover
  • Loose or lost shingles
  • Water damage that leads to leaks
  • Loss of shingle granules, which can lead to an acceleration of roof aging
  • Exposure or fracture of the roof’s fiberglass matt
  • The weakening of the seal integrity

Your roofing expert should provide a complete list of damages as well as a plan for repair. You always have the freedom to get more than one quote from different companies to ensure you are getting an accurate repair list at a fair price.

Expert Repair Services with Helpful Customer Service

It’s important to consider the customer service aspect along with the repair services. If you don’t feel like you can get answers to your questions or friendly, attentive service from one company, find another one. You need to be able to trust your roofing company and trust they are providing the necessary repairs that will last.

When you work with the right company, you will also know all of the roofing professionals are licensed and qualified to perform your repairs. This is not an area you want to short-change when it comes to your roof. It’s well worth the effort to find the right company to meet your needs and budget.

Get the Hail Damage Roof Repair Services You Need at Cornerstone

When you are dealing with roof repair in Roswell following a hail storm, our team at Cornerstone Roofing is the top team for the job. We’ll be with you each step of the way—all the way from the first call for an inspection to a completed roofing repair job well done. Reach out to us today online or call us at 770-844-9800 to get a quote.

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