What the Pros Will Tell You about Roofing Issues in Southern Towns Like Woodstock

Roofing issues in Southern towns like Woodstock

What roofing issues in Southern towns like Woodstock have surprised the most seasoned professional?

Roofing issues in Southern towns like Woodstock are pretty common due to heat and humidity working together to take down humankind. The battle is real. Southern climates do a number on the average roof. You need an experienced local roofing company ready for nature to do its worst.

Woodstock Area Roofing Problems Start with Home Design

In the North, venting hot air from an attic during winter is essential to prevent a build-up of ice in your gutters and shingles. Warm air rises, gets trapped in the attic, melts the snow on the roof and the rest is history. In the South, we typically don’t have that problem. All we have is the risk of condensation by allowing hot, humid air into our attics where AC ductwork often makes its home. The clash of temperatures causes a build-up of moisture all over the insulation and ceilings below.

Southern homes not at risk of snowy winter buildup should forgo attic venting and invest in better attic insulation instead.

Insulation for Woodstock Homes Runs the Gamut

It would be easy to say, “3-inch batting is best,” but if roofing questions were easy, no one would need to ask. The best insulation for your home depends on your roof design. The more you insulate, the less you will need to run heating and cooling equipment. An airtight attic makes for a comfortable home.

Light Roofing Is Best to Beat Southern Heat

Studies show a marked improvement in energy efficiency for homes with light-colored roofs. Why? Simple science. Instead of absorbing sunlight – and the heat that comes with it – lighter shingles reflect light. A knowledgeable roofing company will help you choose the best color roof based on looks and practical application.

Depending on the type of shingles already on your home, your roofer might be able to recommend a recognized “Cool Roof” coating aimed at reducing light absorption and heat transfer. (A professional will also be able to tell you whether using a coating product will invalidate the warranty on your existing shingles.)

Put New Roofing Tech to Work for Your Woodstock Home

At Cornerstone Roofing, we’ve achieved a distinction shared by only two percent of roofing companies in the U.S.A. It took a major investment of time and energy to become a GAF-certified Master Elite contractor. Here’s one reason it was worth it.

GAF is the top roofing manufacturer in North America and one of the top roofing materials manufacturers worldwide. The resources that come with being the best in the business lead to major advances, like the GAF Timberline® Cool Series® Shingles. These asphalt shingles have a special coating developed to deflect light and heat efficiently, possibly leading to big savings.

Roofing issues in Southern towns like Woodstock are easy to manage with knowledgeable professionals close to home. Contact Cornerstone Roofing whenever you have a question, concern or roofing work you need handled fast.

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