Serious About Buying an Older Home? Having a Roof Inspection is Critical

If you are in the market for buying an older Georgia home you will more than likely have a general inspection of the house performed. Having the roof inspected by a roofing contractor is critical to know for certain if there are damages to the roof and interior structures, and what it may cost to have them repaired.

Georgia Home Buyer Roofing Inspections

The selling price of the home is expensive and you do not want to discover big problems and put down thousands more to replace or repair a bad roof after the paperwork is signed. The roof may appear fine from the ground and the sellers may not have had any problems with the roof in the past giving you a false sense of security. Having a professional Georgia roof inspection can find hidden issues that can lead to structure failure and big expenses down the road.

Cumming Roofer Provides Roof Inspections For Home Buyers

Our Cumming roofer team looks at the condition of the roofing materials, their age, signs repair, and the probable remaining life span of the roof.  In addition your Atlanta area roofer will inspect for proper venting, hidden mold or mildew, poorly installed flashing, dry rot, water stains in the attic, ill repair of gutters, the presence of vermin, and many other defects that can lead to extensive roof damage or allow water and mildew to enter your home and damage the structure and the main living areas of your home.

Home Buyer Atlanta Roofing Inspections

If you want to have a Georgia roof inspection prior to buying a home, call your Dawsonville roofer for a roof inspection. Get the answers you need before making an offer or signing any paperwork; you may make an offer pending a clean “bill of health” from your home inspection and roofing inspection. Cornerstone Roofing has been providing quality professional services to the North Metro Atlanta area for over 15 years. Call today to arrange for your roofing inspection on the home you are serious about buying. What you can’t see can hurt your wallet!

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