Should I replace my own roof to save money?

It is possible to repair or replace your own roof.

The real questions to consider are: “Do you want to do it yourself? Should you do it yourself? Do you have the proper equipment? Do you know the correct materials to use? Do you know how to work high above the ground on a pitched roof safely? Will you know what to do if you run into problems? Do you really need to replace your whole roof?”

Obtaining a free roofing inspection will give you a clear idea of what the problem really is and what needs to be done to correct it. You may have a leak and feel that the entire roof is in jeopardy and needs replacing. With a free inspection from our Cumming roofing company, Cornerstone Roofing you may find that the problem is as simple as backed up gutters, or missing or torn shingles. A good reputable company will be able to quickly determine what the problem is and properly fix the problem the first time.

A leak in one area of your house does not necessarily mean there is problem directly above; the problem may be coming from across the roof line with the water running along and finding its way in through a weak spot. In replacing your own roof you may replace the shingles and paper, but miss soft spots in the boards, flashing deterioration, problems with gutter connections, inadequate ventilation, or a variety of other special issues that a qualified roofing specialist, like our Cumming, GA roofers, would be able to identify.

While, yes, you may be able to replace your own roof, a reliable, experienced roofing company may be your best bet to saving money and fully protecting your home and your possessions. Cornerstone Roofing is the one to call for all your roofing needs.

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