Six Signs You Need Emergency Roofing Repair After a Storm

A tree doesn’t have to fall on your roof for it to require immediate emergency roofing repairs.

Severe damage to your roof requiring emergency roofing repair is not always the result of a tree falling. High winds and rain can cause significant damage and must be handled by a professional immediately. When roof damage is left untreated, your roof’s condition will continue to deteriorate and can lead to significant water and mold issues over time.

Here is what to look for to determine if you need emergency repairs:

  • Tear offs: The wind can cause shingles to rip from the roof. Check your roof after a storm and if you see missing shingles, immediately call a roofer. Missing shingles can lead to leaks in your home, and the damage can become increasingly expensive to repair.
  • Debris on the roof: Strong winds can blow limbs onto your roof and cause damage. A professional should be called to remove the debris and inspect for damage. In addition to roof damage, debris can fly off and break a window or injure someone.
  • Loose or missing nails: Although nails are small, they are an intricate part of the roof and will need immediate replacement. Missing nails open up tiny holes that can lead to leaks and cause damage to your home.
  • Damage around flashing: Heavy winds can rip and tear the flashing around skylights, chimneys and eaves. This type of damage should be repaired as soon as possible, as it will continue to deteriorate and allow moisture to enter your home.
  • Clogged gutters: When the leaves are dry, clogged gutters are an easy fix you can handle on your own. However, after a storm that has blown wet, heavy leaves into the gutters, you should have a professional clean them out. The weight of thick, wet leaves can cause the gutters to rip away from the house and cause excessive damage or harm.
  • Sagging areas: After a major storm is a good time to look for sagging areas in the roof. A sagging roof is a sign that the underlying materials have become waterlogged. That water damage can lead to structural issues and requires immediate assessment by a professional.

What to Do If You Are in Need of an Emergency Repair

Once you have determined your roof did suffer damage, you should call a professional. You will also want to call your insurance carrier and put them on notice that you will soon file a claim. A good roofer will work with all major insurance carriers and help you navigate the claims process.

Who should you call for emergency roof repair in Georgia? Our team of roofing experts at Cornerstone Roofing has proudly served the Atlanta area for over 15 years. If you would like us to provide a free estimate for your emergency roofing repair, contact us today.

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