Is Skylight Installation without Leaks Even Possible?

If you think a skylight installation without leaks is impossible, we have some good news for you.

Many homeowners want skylights, but choose not to get them because they don’t believe a skylight installation without leaks is possible. The appeal of skylights is obvious: they can make for a beautiful addition to any home. They have the ability to transform dark rooms into spaces flooded with bright, natural light. But of course, there is a downside: they sometimes let in more than just sunlight.

Leaks can be a common and aggravating occurrence for homeowners with skylights. Even small leaks can develop into big problems, as water droplets can lead to physical damage that ruins the appearance of a room.  If the moisture gets into your walls or ceilings, you could end up dealing with a much more serious issue, as mold can start to grow. Luckily, it is possible to install a skylight that won’t leak. You don’t have to choose between natural light and a dry interior – you can have both!

What Causes Skylight Leaks?

A leaky skylight is often the result of gaps or small cracks forming in the space between the roof and the skylight. Sloppy installation or the use of cheaper materials makes this much more likely. As such, the quality of the components and workmanship involved will have a noticeable impact on whether you run into water problems.

Another common contributing factor to leaks is debris, which can accumulate around or on top of a skylight over time. The debris leads to potential water buildup, which can degrade the roof around the glass. That buildup is even more damaging in the winter, as ice can speed up the damage. Once the rooftop around the skylight begins to wear down, leaks are usually the result.

What’s the Secret to a Skylight Installation without Leaks?

If you’re seeking out a skylight that will give you sunlight without any of the water, the key is quality. Low-end skylights are cheap for a reason. They carry a much higher risk of leaks, and in the end, you could end up paying to repair water damage and replace the skylight, making the money-saving aspect of cheaper skylights pointless. A qualified roofing contractor, working with the best materials, will help you get the aesthetic look you desire without the worry of future repairs looming over you.

Tubular skylight installation takes a few hours and involves smaller openings in your rooftop, which lessens the likelihood of leaks developing. They utilize a mirror-like pipe that distributes sunlight through a room, and they fit in smaller spaces than traditional skylights. Tubular skylights are gaining in popularity, but they aren’t the only possibility at your disposal. A dependable roofing contractor can help you narrow down your search to the best choices for you and your home, all while helping you keep clear of leaks.

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