Surprising Problems Damaged Roof Shingles Can Cause

What are some issues that may arise thanks to damaged roof shingles?

Damaged roof shingles look unsightly. However, the real problem with them goes much deeper than aesthetics. Keep reading to learn what you can expect if you have damaged roof shingles, and then discover how a qualified contractor can turn messy and dangerous shingles into an attractive, secure roof in little time.

Damaged Shingles Leave Your Home Vulnerable

One problem with damaged shingles is that they can leave your roof exposed and under-protected, allowing rain to get into areas previously protected. High winds in really bad weather are known to be rough on roofs. Many homeowners may not realize that even wind that does not seem too bad can cause minor damage that can lead to larger issues down the road. Anything that causes even a single shingle to be out of place can mean rain water reaching deep into the home.

Here’s an example for you:

A summer storm that blows in from the Gulf will bring cooling rain and nice breezes. Few people associate these breezes with any structural damage. And when a roof was built right the first time, they are usually right. But if there is any weakness, even a light storm can mean the first stage of water damage getting into any spots that are lifted or moved by the wind.

A sound roof to begin with is, of course, ideal, but professional repairs to the shingles following damage can save a homeowner more money and hassle in the long run. So if a summer storm rolls through, check the roof for signs of damage even if the winds are not hurricane strength.

What Problems Can Result from Damaged Roof Shingles?

  • Loose or damaged shingles are an entry way for water to enter the home. Water can be just the start of the problems. At Cornerstone Roofing, we repair loose shingles, so they do not break away again in the next storm.
  • In cold climates, a loose shingle means the water that gets in can freeze and expand. This can crack the wood and damage the structure of the home in addition to allowing the water deeper into the dwelling with every new freezing storm.
  • Piled leaves or debris are other eyesores that are also an indicator of hidden damage. Leaves or debris can settle under a loose or damaged shingle causing possible rot and wood damage.
  • Any amount of water getting into a home can cause mold; mold is unsafe to breathe and bad news for the structure. A single loose shingle can cause mold growth in a larger area.
  • Although water can cause the most damage to a roof, when you have damaged roof shingles, energy bills will be higher in the hottest and coldest months, because the roof is unable to do its job keeping the elements out.

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