What Are the Most Unexpected Reasons for Emergency Roof Repairs?

Discover the four issues that can lead to emergency roof repairs.

Most people shutter at the thought of emergency roof repairs or, heaven forbid, an unexpected need for emergency roof replacement. If you own a home, you will likely at some point have to consider the expense of emergency roof repairs. But what might be the reasons for emergency repair? The truth is there are a number of factors that can lead to the type of damage to your roof that requires professional attention immediately.

Consider these top four reasons for emergency roof repairs:

#1 Fire Hazards

Any number of things can present a fire hazard–from playing with matches in an upper story room to lightning strikes. Although there has been a significant drop in the number of house fires in the last couple of decades, there are still close to 400,000 per year in the United States.

The heat and smoke from the fire rise and can damage the roof structure and roofing materials. Metal and steel offer greater fire resistance but are subject to other dangers. Lightning, on the other hand, can be a concern, not only for your roof, but also for the entire house and its internal fixtures, such as gas and water pipes, electrical, phone and cable lines. Even gutters and flashing can be damaged in a lightning storm.

#2 Bad Gutters and Flashing

While you may be surprised, gutters and flashing that aren’t in great shape can lead to emergency roof repair if neglected. If they are damaged, the result may be a direct pathway for water to underpin the value of the shingle. This would result in a curled or loose shingle, leaving gaps or paving the way for accelerated wear and tear. You may even discover that water can penetrate onto the framework of the roof if you don’t keep your gutters clean and the flashing in good condition.

#3 Natural Disasters

Wind, rain, hail, falling debris, and ice jams can result in major roof damage. Then, of course, you have extreme weather like tornadoes and hurricanes that can completely destroy the roof. Falling debris can leave gaping holes in the roof, while strong rainstorms can remove the protective granules of the shingles.

Ice jams occur when water penetrates the water underlayment. This not only damages the shingles, but the gutters and flashing as well. It can even lead to a lack of air circulation inside the home, harming the interior dry wall. Hail is particularly unkind to metal and steel.

#4 Faulty Manufacturing

A sturdy, well-made roof is an essential component to any home, which is why who you choose to build it and what types of products they use matter. You want to utilize great care when selecting your roofing contractor and products. For best results and a long-lasting roof you can count on, always choose a professional certified roofing contractor and discuss with your contractor the quality of the materials.

It’s a wise idea never to choose a fly-by-night contractor just because the price seems right. There is probably a good reason for an extreme cost difference. If the service is too cheap, that should be a red flag. You might save money upfront, but then have to pay later for premature roof replacement or constant repairs.
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