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Just as a fever alerts parents when a child can’t speak for him or herself, an ailing roof reveals non-verbal warning signs that your Forsyth County area residential or commercial building may have leaks or other potentially destructive problems. One call to Cornerstone Roofing is all you need for an inspection and Forsyth County free roofing estimate of what is required to restore your home or place of business back to good health.

Our trained and certified licensed roofing inspectors will carefully examine the roof for existing or potential problems. We inspect the gutter system, watching for signs of damage due to improper drainage or defective attachment. We look for rotten or damaged wood caused by separation, warping and buckling. Signs of insect infestation or rodent infestation is yet another warning signal. Watermarks and/or streaks or patches of discoloration caused by mold, mildew, algae and mosses and lichens, indicate evidence of leaks.

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Shingles are especially telling. Obvious signs are hard to miss. Warping or buckling, when shingles Pokies no longer lie flat, creating an uneven surface and curling at the corners from age or weather extremes are easy to spot. Worn, missing or compressed granules on a shingle’s surface are sure signs that age and storm damage have taken its toll.

Hail damage may or may not be an issue. As a general rule, more than ten pockmarks in a ten-foot square area indicate the need for replacement. Storms may loosen material attachment, so we pay close attention to missing or torn shingles.

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Less noticeable damage, such as splitting or tears can appear as horizontal, vertical or diagonal cracks, and are oftentimes almost invisible to the eye. Close inspection can reveal surface cracking, a network of fine lines on surface of shingles, as well as blistering: bubbles or bumps on the shingle’s surface.

Cumming roofer Cornerstone Roofing, Inc. knows the warning signs of roof fatigue and where to look for them, whether it’s obvious or hidden away. Call today for a free check-up!

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