What Water Damage from Leaking Roofs Can Really Mean for Your Home in Roswell

It might be the universal solvent, but water damage from leaking roofs is never a welcome addition.

Water Damage from Leaking RoofsFrustration is only one of the many complications that can arise due to water damage from leaking roofs. Although this issue commonly surfaces after storms, leaks can also stem from poorly executed roof repairs or installations. Whatever the cause, it’s important to be aware of the risks.

Water leaks might not seem very serious, but they are the type of problem that causes a flood of other troubles. Leaks also don’t resolve themselves with time — handling a water leak quickly is essential. Read on to learn why dealing with a leaky roof the right way is so important.

Water Leaks Mean Moisture… Which Means Mold

When there’s a leak, the invading water can travel in any given direction once it penetrates the roof. This means it can end up just about anywhere, including behind your walls! When you allow moisture to seep into the spaces underneath and behind floors and walls, mold and mildew can grow.

Not only can this give your interior an unpleasant smell, but it also hurts the quality of your air. People with breathing issues can experience worsening symptoms if exposed to mold, and even healthy individuals can end up with respiratory disorders in cases of prolonged exposure. These include asthma, sneezing and nasal congestion.

Over Time, Water Leaks Cause Structural Damage

Your home consists of dozens of hidden beams and support structures. Although we don’t often think about them, they are what keep the whole thing upright. If you have water leaks and you don’t resolve them at the source, over time the moisture will cause the wooden beams to decay, weakening them and leading to extremely expensive complications. These expenses stem from the fact that you’d need to get into the walls and replace the impacted wood, in addition to repairing the leak itself.

A Professional Should Evaluate a Leaky Roof

Even do-it-yourselfers with roofing experience should be careful about assessing a leak. If you take on the job without expert assistance, you could be overlooking something important. Professional roofing contractors will notice subtle issues that most homeowners wouldn’t see.

The worst case scenario with overlooking a problem is that the subsequent repairs would only cover it up. Since you’re not addressing the root issue, it would then be only a matter of time before it leads to a new problem. Seeking out a dependable roofer can help you avoid this outcome.

If you’re living in Roswell and dealing with water damage from leaking roofs, the experts at Cornerstone Roofing can help. We have years of experience with roof issues ranging from gutter damage and corroded flashing to water leaks and ice dams. For more information about avoiding water damage, give us a call at 770-844-9800 today.

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