What are some long lasting roofing materials?

Spanish roofing tiles

Spanish roofing tilesAs a homeowner, or business owner, you want your investment to last as long as possible.  Finding the right roofing material is a big decision with long lasting effects. So, what is the longest lasting roofing material?

Let’s look at the most common roofing materials: composite shingles, wood shingles, sheet metal, slate and Spanish tiles.

Spanish Tiles

It is common to have your roof wear out in 2-3 decades.  But, did you know roofs with Spanish Tiles can last a century? That’s right. 100 years. However, due to the weight of the tiles, your roof may need extra reinforcement to support its weight.


Looking for something to last even longer?  Slate has been known as one of the highest quality, longest lasting roofing materials available. Natural slate stone is used on roofs and can easily last 150 years. Slate comes in colors ranging from purple to gray to black as well as several colors mixed together. However, using slate on your roof can cost around 5 times more than conventional roofing materials. But, when you look at the cost over time, you aren’t replacing your entire roof ever 20-30 years.  Slate is low maintenance and can provide excellent fire protection.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is another long-term choice for homes and businesses. Sheet metal roofs can easily last over 40 years.  However, having a tin roof on your home may make it sell for less if you ever put your home on the market. A galvanized steel roof can last around 60 years and is highly rust resistant.  But again, you don’t see many metal roofs in neighborhoods. They are common on industrial buildings and mobile homes.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles can last a while, but due to the fact they are fire hazards, many neighborhood covenants ban them. The wood shingles do require more maintenance, which can make them fairly expensive over time. While beautiful on a gazebo, wood shingles are not an ideal choice for your home.

Composite Shingles

Composite Shingles can come with different warranties depending on which shingle you go with. You can find 30 year, 40 year, 50 year and lifetime warranties! Asphalt shingles are also fire-resistant. However, improper ventilation of your roofing system can void your warranty and make your roof wear out more quickly.


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