What Are The Benefits of a Metal Roof?

metal roof Atlanta

Local businesses and homeowners have asked us “What are the benefits of a metal roof?”  Metal roofs have made huge advances from their early days as being the cover of cheap homes and industrial buildings. They are now finely crafted, capable of looking like traditional roofs while avoiding the old metallic drumbeat of water striking the hard surface. Here are some of the major benefits metal roofs have over traditional shingle structures.

Metal Roofs Last 50 Years

metal roof Atlanta
Meal Roof photo by 7th Groove on Flickr

A quality metal roof comes with a warranty that is often twice as long as a traditional shingle roof. The reason is simple – the individual components are stronger and more weather-resistant than any petroleum soaked wood product.

Even the paint job is certified to last longer than most traditional roofs, clocking in at a quarter century. When that time rolls around, which is better – to have to get a loan for a new roof or pull out a grand for some paint?

Metal Roofs Are More Environmentally Friendly

Asphalt (traditional) roofs are well known for being filled with dangerous chemicals that can poison the environment and induce cancers in people. Whenever it rains, small parts of the roof are carried down the gutters, where it joins the lawn and water table. This makes the area around the house potentially toxic for children and pets, especially if the roof is older.

Since metal roofs are not built with any toxic materials, this risk is non-existent. And, if you want a rooftop garden, after installing a new roof, all you need is some fresh soil and it is possible to enjoy homegrown vegetables during the warm summer months!

Metal Roofs Cost Less on a Yearly Basis

The average cost to replace a shingle roof is around $12,000. These roofs require frequent maintenance and only last around 15 years. Metal roofs cost at most $25,000 but last for a half century. This directly translates to saving at least several hundred dollars per year, without factoring in the amount the homeowner will be saving by not having to worry about maintenance.

Conclusion about Metal Roofs

With the right soundproofing, having a metal roof can be the same as having a traditional roof. Considering the advanced insulation being placed in homes now, it is likely that you will not have to worry about any extra noise.

For those looking to stay in the same home for several years, or increase the resell value, a metal roof is an excellent investment. Protect the environment and your wallet, and check out a metal roof today.

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