What are the Differences between Tubular Skylights and Traditional Skylights?

Tubular Skylights are not only energy efficient using the Georgia natural direct and ambient light, but they do not contribute to heat loss or gain, like a traditional skylight does. In addition, Tubular Skylights are cylindrical and pose minimal opening sizes into your roof and interior home structure. Traditional skylights require a large opening in the roof and finished large openings into the ceilings below which could open the way for development of leaks.

Tubular Skylight

Tubular Skylights are cylindrical and come in a variety of diameters to fit the need of the room below.  They can be installed in just a couple of hours as they do not require special construction or a large roof opening like a traditional skylight does.  Tubular Skylights do not require painting, framework or drywall work; all of these are needed with use of a traditional skylight. Our Cumming roofing company provides a free Georgia roofing inspection for your plans or additions.

Roofers Can Install A Tubular Skylights In A Few Hours

Tubular Skylights have a small clear collector dome on the roof that lets the Georgia sunlight enter a highly reflective pipe that goes from the roof to the ceiling below. The pipe has a silver mirror like finish that allows the full spectrum of sunlight to be evenly dispersed throughout the room without the added heat and UV rays. A traditional skylight lets direct sunlight in as well as UV rays and the associated heat that comes with the sun’s rays.

Cumming Skylight Construction

Your home can become brighter without added use of electric lights by using the Tubular Skylights to light up a dark pantry, bedroom closet, attic or any other dark space in your home. Traditional skylights are too large and require careful attention during construction to be practical or appropriate for smaller dark places in your home.  Call Cornerstone, your Cumming and Dawsonville roofer for a free inspection and discussion of your planning needs.

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