What Is The Best Time Of Year To Put On A New Roof?

If you are thinking of replacing your roof, putting on a new roof with new construction or making roofing repairs, you may wonder what time of year is the best time to work on a roof.  For some, with new construction, the roof will go on while the construction is occurring, which can be throughout the year in Georgia.  For those who want to replace or do major repair work you may want to plan the job for when the temperatures will be above freezing and when wind and rain are least expected.

Georgia Roofing Contractor

In of bad weather during a roofing job, special measures will be taken to protect the home from damage at all times.

Cummings and Dahlonega Area Roofer

If you need to have major repairs made to your roof, or need a failing roof replaced when the weather is bad, our North Georgia roofer will work with you to provide immediate coverage and protection until the needed work can be accomplished. Your Cumming roofing contractor, Cornerstone, is available for free consultations and would be happy to plan out a work schedule with you that not only meets your needs but takes the weather into consideration as well.

Atlanta Roofer Cornerstone

Our North Georgia roofer, Cornerstone, works with each individual homeowner and family to meet their needs. They will provide a free evaluation and inspection of your roofing needs.  Don’t worry about the weather – your Georgia roofer has over 15 years of experience in the area and they will keep your home safe during any kind of weather situation. Call Cornerstone Roofing today for a free visit!

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