What’s the Best Way to Fix a Leaking Roof?

Looking to fix a leaking roof? Keep reading for several tips worth keeping in mind.

Choosing to fix a leaking roof is usually a decision best made early on, before issues can worsen. In many cases a roof could develop a leak (or leaks) a short time into its lifespan. This means the right company can safely repair the roof without the need for a roof replacement. Most leaks arise due to damage in small areas on a rooftop, like places where shingles have broken due to fallen debris or bad weather. Although you might be able to handle very minor roof issues without assistance from a professional roofer, it is crucial to identify the source and extent of the leak before moving forward.

Assess the Damage to the Leaky Roof

You can’t begin to fix what you haven’t identified. If you know where the leak is coming into the house, check the roof material over it for signs of damage. This part can be tricky, as leaks can enter your home a fair distance away from the actual damage — this is particularly true when you don’t have a flat roof. It’s also important to take a look at where different surfaces connect, including vent pipes and chimneys, as those are common areas where leaks form. If you spot damage to the flashing near the chimney or other connections, you might need to look into a replacement.

If You’re Comfortable with Working on the Roof, Replacing Damaged Shingles Might Work

If the shingles over a leak have cracks or breaks or are very easy to lift away from the roof, they will need replacement. Assuming you have the right tools on hand, you can pry away whatever remains of the bad shingle and scrape off the roofing cement underneath. Using a sharp blade, you can shave away at the rear corners of the new shingle to round it out a little before sliding it into place. At this point, you would drive roofing nails into the upper corners of the new shingle before covering it up with roofing cement.

When in Doubt, Get a Roof Inspection

The problem with tackling a roof leak on your own is that you might not be aware of the full extent of the damage. Replacing broken shingles might work, but it could prove pointless if there is a deeper issue present. In some cases, you might just be covering up the real problem instead of solving it!

Save yourself a pointless (and dangerous) trip up to your rooftop and enlist the aid of a professional roofing contractor. An experienced expert will be able to pinpoint the root causes of your leaks. When repairs are complete, you can rest assured the roof is in good shape.

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